How You Can Help

While we continue to work on the development of by-laws, membership agreements, policies and procedures, marketing materials, etc., we want to encourage those that are interested in learning more, or who want to get involved, to reach out and say hello.

Deep down we are a passionate, informal cast of characters that happen to be organizing under a more formal operational setting in order to reach our mutual needs and shared goals. While these organizational aspects will take some time develop, we don't want that to dissuade any interested parties from getting involved, sharing ideas, hanging out, and simply getting to know one another while we continue our efforts to finalize them.

In addition to getting involved with any of our current initiatives, we welcome all help in answering these crucial questions we currently face ourselves. Answers to these questions will further help us define The Noble Carrot Coop as a whole, and where our mission will lead us, and what endeavors we will pursue.

  • Foundation: How will we promote and support the development of an overall local living economy and community?
  • Buyers: How will we begin the establishment of local retail outlets and other facilities including, but not limited to, buying clubs, farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and/or both online and brick-and-mortar retail markets?
  • Producers: How will we begin local production of fresh food and other value-added products for individual consumption, sharing, trading or selling at new and existing markets?

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