About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of people who are looking to:

  • Meet our basic needs as locally and economically as possible without sacrificing quality or experience
  • Increase self-reliance and resiliency
  • Build a joyful community through collaboration and cooperation

And through our efforts of collaboration and COOPERATION, we have come together as The Noble Carrot Coop, Inc., an Illinois not-for-profit entity.

Our Mission

  • To grow a local living economy
  • To educate our community
  • To preserve the past
  • To plant the seeds of innovation

Organizational Concept

Our vision of the Noble Carrot Coop is that it will be comprised of three separate arms or divisions working towards supporting their specific purpose as outlined in their by-laws addendum and guided by their respective membership agreement. Their overall, member-specified purpose and goals would be in support of theoverall cooperative mission. Initially, this could begin as one organizational cooperative structure operating under one Board. However, as time progresses and success is generated, we could become a cooperative of cooperatives giving each individual arm room to grow and develop it’s own autonomy with it’s own Board.